Dr. Bruce Greyson- Near Death Experiences (with Skeptic Travis R.)

This was quite the show, I was joined by the thoughtful skeptic Travis R. to interview Dr. Bruce Greyson on his life-long research on the evidence for Near-Death Experiences.  Travis and I probe Dr. Greyson on the nature of the evidence in light of his new book “After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal About Life and Beyond”.

YouTube Video Link = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irFep8C3GfY

Anchor Audio Link = https://anchor.fm/real-seeker-ministries/episodes/Near-Death-Experiences-with-Dr–Bruce-Greyson–Skeptic-Travis-R-emnase

Recommended Sources (for further study);

a) Travis R’s Blog site, A Measure of Faith: Investigating the collision of faith, science and reason = https://measureoffaith.blog/author/trothlis/ 

b) Dr. Bruce Greyson’s Recommended Sources;

His main website (with various resources) = https://www.brucegreyson.com/ 

His Upcoming New Book, “After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal About Life and Beyond”

His co-authored Book- The Handbook of Near Death Experiences: 30 Years of Investigation 

List of various scholarly articles by Bruce = https://med.virginia.edu/perceptual-studies/publications/academic-publications/near-death-experiences-academic-publications/

c) Other NDE related Sources;

The Peer-Reviewed Journal of Near-Death Studies

List of various NDE accounts at the Near Death Research Foundation (NDERF)

Christian Philosopher Dr. Gary Habermas on the evidence from NDE’s 

Gary Habermas Discusses the Resurrection, NDE’s and other evidences with famous Atheist philosopher Anthony Flew 

d) The list of Interview Questions:



4 thoughts on “Dr. Bruce Greyson- Near Death Experiences (with Skeptic Travis R.)

  1. Hi Dale,
    Thanks for having me on to participate in the show. I thought it went well and enjoyed the conversation. I do have one more question I didn’t see a chance to ask Dr. Greyson about, so I’m putting it below on the chance that he would be available to answer.

    Though there are undoubtedly NDE accounts which appear to defy natural explanations (e.g., the AVPs – ‘apparently non-physical veridical’ cases), there are also many unknowns surrounding those accounts and when you have a large enough population there are going to be outliers. As with the most compelling accounts for any paranormal or otherwise unusual phenomenon, there is a selection effect that brings these cases to our attention. Taking this into consideration, it seems plausible that the natural explanations are hiding in the unknowns, and that these cases sit at the edge of the bell curve relative to “normal” NDE cases. Given that 10% – 20% of resuscitated persons report having an NDE, there is actually a fairly substantial population from which to draw these experiences (e.g., I see that about 10% of cardiac arrest victims survive, so we’re looking at 7,000 – 14,000 NDEs per year in the US alone, and that’s only the cases due to cardiac arrest). How do we find the signal in the noise and determine whether or not the anecdotal evidence is composed of a selected collection of outliers where the reports suggest physical impossibility only because the data which would inform the natural explanation is lacking?

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    1. It was a pleasure Travis 🙂 Look forward to having you on again in the future sometime.

      Bruce is aware of the Blog link with comments, so hopefully he is able to answer your question, he was a great guest and was an honour having him on.

      Liked by 1 person

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