The Soul & Substance Dualism (Part 3)

The Soul & Substance Dualism (Part 3): The 2nd Issue of Contention- The Nature of the Conscious Subject

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Note: This was originally posted on the S&S website.



In Part 3, I provide 4 pro-soul arguments in favour of my minimal definition of substance dualism (i.e.- that our essential selves are not a physical substance).

The 4 arguments include; i)The Unity of Consciousness Argument, ii) The Enduring Self Argument, iii) The Freewill Argument (which involves a detailed excursus on the 5 general areas of disagreement between Libertarian and Compatibilists notions of “freedom”) and finally, iv) The Modal Argument for Substance Dualism.


Recommended Sources (for further study);

1. Four 15-min videos presenting some Pro-Soul/Substance Dualism arguments which including 3 arguments for substance dualism that I neglected to use in my series for time sake (Parts 17a-d) by Dr. Dale Tuggy, starting here = . 

Note that this series includes the version of the Modal Argument I used in the show (with a better explanation and visual aids) in Video 17d at approx the 5 min 50 seconds mark, here = .  Note also that one of our listeners Travis R. mentions that the Modal Argument for Substance Dualism assumes the truth of “Transworld Identity”- see discussion here = .  On Transworld issues I take Dr. Alvin Plantinga’s notion to be the right one, see his article, Transworld Identity or Worldbound Individuals?, on it here = or in the attachment below; 

2. Two short 10-min videos on Substance Dualism by a skeptic, starting in Part 1 here =

3. Where Does our Mental Substance reside Video by Crash Course (10-min) =


4. One of our Skeptical listeners Darren, provided the following resources related to the material I presented during this episode;

For those that are curious, here is the current philosophical landscape around free will.

The Short Version:
Determinism vs Free Will:

The Long Version:
Free Will:

How philosophers fall on the subject:

Free will: compatibilism, libertarianism, or no free will (determanism)?
Accept or lean toward: compatibilism 550 / 931 (59.1%)
Other 139 / 931 (14.9%)
Accept or lean toward: libertarianism 128 / 931 (13.7%)
Accept or lean toward: no free will 114 / 931 (12.2%)


*** Note- We also had a mention on the Measure of Faith blog site (Travis R)- .

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